Roulette came into being back in the seventeenth and has been a popular indulgent ever since. Over time, the game spread across the globe and was placed in nearly all gambling establishments. When the casino business moved to the online platform, it was among the first sets on offer. Numerous casinos that use Bitcoin for transactions also adopted the game. Bitcoin has become one of the popular cashier options in numerous institutions. The cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto was only transacted online and is not subject to any entity. In this Bitcoin roulette review, we look into some of the variations that can be enjoyed in BTC casinos and other elements of the game.

Types of Bitcoin Roulette

Most popular casino games come in variations to ensure a wide range of gamblers finds something that suits their style. Roulette has seen numerous variations produced over the years. Even so, the basic gameplay rules have remained the same. Some that can be found in BTC casinos include:  

  • European roulette

  This is the most popular form of the game in both online and location-based casinos. It comes with twenty-seven pockets: Number one to thirty-six and a single zero. It has the best odds among all variations in most casinos.  

  • European type with La Partage rule

  This version is the same as the previously mentioned. The main difference is the inclusion of the La Partage Rule; this means that the gambler will only lose half of their wager if the ball lands on zero. Additionally, the table where gameplay is conducted is arranged differently.  

  • American roulette

  This form of Bitcoin roulette is the second most sort after variation. Unlike European type, this version comes with thirty-eight pockets: Number one to Thirty-six, a single zero, and double zero pocket. The inclusion of a double zero increases the odds of the casino, which is why the game is less popular than its European counterpart.  

  • French Roulette

  This version is similar to European type in terms of appearance. However, this version follows the original rules of the game. Additionally, all numbers are arranged in chronological order.  

  • Auto roulette

  This variation can follow the rules of any other that is provided. However, instead of a live dealer, the ball is spun using an air pressure system. The system contains compressed air that sends the ball spinning once gameplay begins. The version is provided for players who enjoy fast gameplay.  

  • Premium roulette

  It can also follow the rules of any other version. The difference comes in the wager limits. This version allows stakes that are suitable for high rollers, accepting wagers as low as ten dollars to as high as one thousand dollars per spin.  

  • Zodiac roulette

  This version of the game replaces the numbers that are placed in the pockets for the zodiac signs. Players can place color wagers, but the odd or even wager is not made available. Gamblers can use Bitcoin to place wager deposits in various casinos online. Players can choose to play in casinos that are purely BTC or those that include other currencies. Additionally, gaming can be conducted in either download or no download mode for most.


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