There is no significant difference between Bitcoin and the ordinary casinos except, of course, the currency. The fun and excitement you experience when playing poker, roulette, and blackjack games in the regular casinos will not change when playing using BTC casino sites. If you are interested in Bitcoin gambling, there are loads of sites online readily available. Be wary though, not every BTC site is reliable. Some are great while others have horror stories of unsuccessful withdrawals. In some parts of the world, gambling may be illegal. It is challenging to find a casino that accepts players from those parts. However, there is a solution to this, and that is, by the use of bitcoin. If you understand the dynamics of bitcoin, then you know how secretive it can get. It makes it impossible for authorities to regulate BTC casinos. Moreover, if it is impossible to control, we can only hope you understand how unsafe it can be for a newbie who does not know the genuine sites. But, we are here for you. We hope that at the end of this Bitcoin gambling review, you will have an insight on what to look for in a genuine BTC casino site. We also have a comprehensive guide if you have not played online casino games yet. Be sure to go through steps.

Introduction to BTC Gambling

As mentioned earlier, with BTC casino gambling, the only thing that changes is the currency; so don’t be intimidated by the name. If you have played online casino games before, you should not feel any difference, except for the currency part. However, for the newbies, let’s just say we will make things easier for you. Here are some steps you should remember when playing bitcoin gambling:  

  • The first step is always to find the best casino site. It is crucial that you note the word ‘best’ because not all sites are good. However, this article should help you find one.
  • Once you have found your perfect match, you can go ahead and sign up for an account at the BTC casino site you have chosen.
  • Of course, you will not be able to go further until you deposit some bitcoins. Don’t have bitcoins? You can exchange cash for bitcoins at favorite exchange sites online. Now, the exchange rates keep on fluctuating rapidly, so we cannot post a number- it changes in days.
  • Once you have BTC in your account, you can take advantages of the promos, rewards, and bonuses offered at the site of your choice.
  • Now, you can find the game you would like to play, hopefully, win and withdraw your winnings.

Some sites have the demo features where you can test your skills with virtual bitcoins. However, for the real deal gambling, you have to deposit some. Now, if you are a newbie, you may not have an idea how to go about the situation, but we are here to help.  

  • First things first, get a BTC wallet. You have the choice between an online wallet, software or an offline wallet and a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are the safest and online wallets the easiest to use. Just go to the official Bitcoin website and find out the best that can work for you, according to its interface.
  • The second step is to get actual bitcoins. You may not have an idea on how to acquire bitcoins. The easiest way is exchange using the standard money for bitcoins. You can also ask friends to transfer to you. Most Bitcoin casino sites provide some helpful information on how to acquire bitcoin. However, the most important thing at this point has a wallet.

Note that not all exchange site is friendly to transactions to and from gambling sites. The best way to avoid this trouble is operating directly to your wallet from casino sites, then to the exchange sites or the other way round.

Benefits of Online BTC Gambling

You are probably wondering why go through the trouble of money exchange for bitcoin for an online casino that is similar to the standard online casino. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why bitcoin online casinos are the best:  

  1. Casinos that use bitcoins do not charge a fee when transferring and withdrawing funds. You will not find a more suitable way to make casino transactions than with the bitcoin currency. Other sites using cards and other payment methods charge users fees that accumulate to large figures over extended periods of time.
  2. With bitcoin, you can be guaranteed of a secure transaction regardless of where they are used. The only thing users have to be cautious about is your wallets. The hardware wallet is most secure and can never be hacked unless someone has physical access to your hard disk and login credentials. It is safer compared to providing cards and personal information which can be stolen or hacked.
  3. Enjoy a fast, and a third party-less transaction - just as the gods of cryptocurrency planned it to be. Absolutely no commissions whatsoever. The result is an instantaneous transaction and withdrawal within the shortest time possible.
  4. Perhaps the best feature about online bitcoin casino is anonymity. You can put an alias on the sign-up page, deposit bitcoins, play, win and make withdrawals without revealing your identity

How to Know a Genuine Casino

Moreover, finally, how do you know a casino is genuine? There are always suspicions, especially when numbers do not go your way. Most trustable casinos always strive to put everything into light. These online casinos have a huge following and are respectable. Be wary of the unknown ones though. How to distinguish the genuine ones:  

  • A trustable online casino will demonstrate the procedure of checking the randomness of play in a process called provable fairness.
  • Check their license. Casinos should provide a link to their certificate at the bottom of the page. Make sure the license is from a trustable and reliable organization as well.
  • The payment terms which include payment methods and minimum withdrawals.
  • Does the casino offer customer support? It is suspicious when you do not find someone attending to your queries. A genuine bitcoin casino will have multiple support channels ready for your questions.

We wish you the best in your bitcoin online casino betting. Enjoy your play and good luck.


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