Say hello to new-age technology where people have bid adieu to real currency. Now is the time of the digital currency, popularly known as 'bitcoins'. You must have heard about it from your near and dear ones or somewhere on the Internet. Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency. In fact, we can call it digital or electronic cash. There is no space or need for intermediaries because bitcoins are exchanged between peers and users. Let us cut to chase and understand what Bitcoin Poker means!

If you are looking for some real gaming action, playing poker with bitcoins will be an interesting idea. It is one of the most fulfilling games that players get to play. The catch is that you do not have to go to a land-based casino. It takes lots of cash to book tickets to Vegas or any other casino hub! We are not calculating the hotel, transport and food expenses. You can play online poker with bitcoin!

Here is a post which will explain everything about Bitcoin poker. Whether you are a novice or a professional, this article will help you get to know the elaborate details about the game.

Enter the World of Bitcoin Poker

Online poker requires patience, skills, and good strategy. If you do not have any of these, try to get them here. As you are aware, this is a classic card game which combines strategy, skills, and gambling. The online version demands the same, but the only difference is that you are using bitcoins instead of real currency.

The basic rules of this card game include getting a perfect combination of cards. It remains hidden till the end of the game. In the online version, you are getting a safer experience with quick payments and payment security too. When you opt for the right casino site, you get excellent bonus offers which are hard to miss!

Every online casino has their own set of rules. However, there is one rule which applies to all the casinos. You are not allowed to see the opponent's cards. This rule is similar to the card game rules.

As a newbie in the casino industry, you may think about the reasons why the websites offering this card game and using this cryptocurrency are getting popular. It is true that the whole world is embracing digital EVERYTHING, but there has to be a reason for choosing bitcoin poker sites. Let us find this out in the next section!

The Specialty of Bitcoin Poker Websites

A novice may think of several reasons for not joining a bitcoin-friendly casino site. Our whole idea is that by using our credit card or PayPal, our money is in safe hands. We constantly wait for payouts and cheques what takes ages. Did you know that playing with bitcoins is a safer experience?

Why do we recommend playing on casino sites using bitcoins as a currency for money transfer? Let us take a quick look at the reasons.

  • Payouts are instant. A player does not have to wait for several days to get the cheque because bitcoins will be transferred to the wallet.
  • Your payments are protected.
  • No unexpected transactions from your account (transparency, my friend!).
  • The transaction fee is lower.
  • Great for low stake players who are just starting their journey as casino enthusiasts.
  • You can show off your skills to other users from across the globe.

The fact that you get instant payments and pay a much lower transaction fee is obvious, and we do not see any reason why bitcoin poker is lagging behind! As a newbie in this industry, you do not want to put a lot on a stake because you have just got started. It is best to start with bitcoins as there is payment security. There are times when there is an unknown transaction from your bank account, and you get a message saying that x amount has been deducted. When you use bitcoins as the form of currency, you are absolutely safe from all these instances.

There will be no unknown deduction from your account. Also, you will enjoy the feeling of playing at a casino from the comfort of your home. This can be a highly rewarding experience! Whether you are a high roller or a low stake player, bitcoin poker is a much safer and the preferred way of making bets!

Where to Find Free Bitcoin Poker

The question is how to start playing bitcoin poker. We can read the mind of our readers/visitors and shall answer your question in simple words. Firstly, you need to create a bitcoin wallet. It will be a virtual one or on your desktop. Once you are done with creating a wallet, register with an online casino accepting bitcoins. Each of the wallets comes with a special address which you need to use at the time of transactions.

Creating a wallet is not enough as you need to buy bitcoins with your credit card. Make a deposit on the bitcoin poker site and start playing! The constant dilemma is to find a genuine site where you can play poker with bitcoins. There are many sites out there where you can get fast payouts. The best part about playing with bitcoins is that you can get faster withdrawals.

Poker bitcoin sites are plenty, but only some of them are genuine. Reading genuine reviews is the first step to choose a good site. Everyone is going online to play casino games. You do have a chance to win big, but you need to be extra careful about picking a good casino site. Ensure that you are choosing a site which has fast withdraws, bonuses, high payouts, and transparency.

Before depositing bitcoins, you can try playing free bitcoin poker online. You should just find the site offering this option.

Once you become a master in this game, the sky is the limit. You have a chance to win lots of money and make good use of it. Transparency is the key, and bitcoin poker sites nail the concept. So, skip the idea of Vegas and try the sites which offer this card game and accept bitcoins. Vegas is too far, and your laptop can do wonders!


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