How Do We Find the Best Bitcoin Betting Sites?

Bitcoin betting is becoming increasingly popular, and the number of casinos/betting websites running on the blockchain is increasing day by day. There is a reason for this: Bitcoin gaming offers players many advantages and a much more enjoyable gambling experience. However, as the number of websites offering this option increases, it becomes difficult to choose among them. Which site is better? Which Bitcoin betting site offers more content? Which ones should we choose to play?

These are all very logical questions which need to be answered in a professional way. Blockchain technology requires special expertise: You need the advice of a team that specializes in both this technology and online sports betting. We can offer you this and much more. Together with our experienced team, we find the best Bitcoin betting sites on the internet and tell you which ones to choose. There are countless criteria we use for this job, and we will talk about them in detail below. When you finish reading this guide, you will learn what to look for when choosing a Bitcoin betting site.

Our Review Process

Our review process starts with “registration”. We become members of the sites we review. A site's review lasts an average of 15 days, and we're testing every feature offered within that time period. As can be guessed, we start with the betting options offered. The first thing we check is what sports we can bet on and what leagues are covered. In this respect, the more the better. We make sure that all types of sports are being covered, including but not limited to e-sports.

However, the number and scope of sports are not enough to satisfy us. We examine all the features in detail and pay attention to how advantageous they are. “RTP” and “House Edge” are the most important issues for us. We prefer sites that offer at least a 98% RTP rate. In traditional sports betting sites, this rate is 94% on average. Bitcoin betting sites must be able to offer much higher: This is one of the most important advantages of Blockchain betting. There are sites out there that offer a 1% house edge rate, and the lower the rate, the higher the return on your investment. Therefore, RTP and House Edge ratios ​​are one of our most important criteria.

Every feature offered is thoroughly tested by our team. We create some problem “scenarios” and look at how helpful customer service is. When we gain earnings, we pay attention to how quickly they pay. We evaluate the reputation of the site by using member comments and determine how safe it is. We especially recommend sites that support the provably fair feature.

So, what are the most important criteria in our review process? What are we checking? Below, you can see a list of them.

Things We Check

  • Bonus Campaigns. We know that bonus campaigns are important for all players. There are many types of promotions, and each gives you an advantage. But not all of them are fair: Some contain withdrawal requirements that will be very difficult to complete. Therefore, high figures are not enough to impress us. We pay attention to how quickly the bonus offers work and how fair they are. We only list the offers that will give you value for money, and we recommend you to choose them.
  • Customer Support. Bitcoin betting sites are mostly anonymous, so it's usually not possible to know who their owners are. Therefore, safety and reliability are much more important than regular betting. You can understand how reliable a site is from the professionalism of its customer service. If more than one method is available to reach support services and the support team is professional, you can trust that site. Therefore, we test the support services in detail and only recommend sites that have succeeded in satisfying us.
  • Ease of Use. The design of a site determines how practical it is. It is very difficult to navigate a poorly designed site and find a specific option you are looking for. For this reason, we give priority to sites with practical and useful designs. Page loading times and ease of navigation are one of our most important issues. We ensure that the site offers the same experience and performance on all platforms. In this way, you can experience a smooth betting experience on mobile devices too.
  • Payment Speed ​​and Options. We think a Bitcoin betting site should also support other cryptocurrencies. BTC is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, but it's no longer practical. The processing times are quite long, and the trading commissions can sometimes be very high. For low-budget bettors, this is a big disadvantage. However, there are also cryptocurrencies such as DogeCoin, ETH, and ZCoin, which have almost no transaction fees. Providing support for them is important for us.
  • Anonymity. One of the most important advantages of Bitcoin betting is that you don't have to share your personal information. Wherever you live in the world, you can place a bet with only an email address. However, some sites do not fully implement this system. For example, you may be asked to provide only an email during the registration phase but asked for confirming your identity when you want to withdraw. We do not support such practices and prefer only sites that offer true anonymity. It is important for us that you can bet without any restrictions.

Enjoy Bitcoin Gambling!

If all of the above sounds too complex, don’t worry. As we mentioned, Bitcoin betting is a different type of gambling and requires time to get used to it. To ease your adaptation process, we took over the job of picking the best Bitcoin betting sites out there. Instead of searching for them and wasting your time, just pick from one of our recommended sites. We did the heavy work for you, so you can enjoy and focus on gambling. Our experienced team always picks the top sites to gamble with Bitcoin and offers you the most advantageous bonuses out there. We regularly update our content, so don’t forget to visit us often. Bitcoin betting is a wonderful experience, but only if you choose the best sites. That’s what we do: We pick them for you.

FAQ About Bitcoin Betting Websites

Do Bitcoin sports betting sites exist? How do they operate?

Yes, just like online casino games, sports betting service can be offered through a blockchain too. This type of sites accept members from any country in the world and cover almost all sports types & leagues. The betting process itself is not different than regular sports betting sites, so you do not re-learn anything. As a user, the only difference you’ll see will be the currency change – bets and payouts are made in BTC (Bitcoin). However, behind the scenes, almost all the infrastructure of the site works on the blockchain, and this provides several advantages, which we mentioned in this guide.

What is a Bitcoin betting exchange?

As the name suggests, a Bitcoin betting exchange is a special type of betting site where users can bet against each other. In usual betting, you are actually placing a bet against the site itself, the “bookmaker”. In Bitcoin betting exchange sites, every bettor can also become a bookmaker. For example, a member of the site can place 1 BTC on the outcome of a specific match. Other users may join this bet or place another against it. The exchange site itself works like an intermediary and does not host/organize any events.

Are Bitcoin betting sites secure?

Yes. Most of them do not have a license, but this does not mean that they are “illegal” or insecure. In fact, Bitcoin betting websites are securer than “ordinary” ones. This is because all records are kept on the blockchain, where no “human” can intervene. The results of a game/match trigger certain actions on the blockchain, for example, the payment. So, for example, if you win a Bitcoin slot jackpot, the blockchain will send your reward automatically – no manual approval or identity verification is needed. In addition, thanks to the provably fair feature, you can always check out how fair games really are.

What do I need to start betting Bitcoin?

You can start by purchasing BTC. Join an exchange site and buy BTC with Fiat payment methods, like credit card and/or bank transfer. Download a free online wallet from the internet. This wallet will give you an important thing: Your blockchain address. Everybody that uses BTC has a blockchain address, you can think these as “IBAN numbers”. Transfer your BTC’s from the exchange site to your wallet, by using your blockchain address. Now, you are ready to play and bet with Bitcoin. To send/deposit money, you will use your wallet and send the funds to the blockchain address of the site. To withdraw funds, you just need to give your own blockchain address to the site, no other information is needed.  


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